Ping Pong Tournament Logo

An Austin-based startup hosted a ping pong tournament as part of a bar crawl for SXSW. They wanted the mark to be intimidating-looking to juxtapose the less-than-serious nature of ping pong.

Chupacabra Logo

I was approached by a client of a mutual friend who needed their Mexican food truck branded. They wanted something that looked at home not the streets but wasn't so menacing it was off-putting. A hand-drawn character and bubbly font did the trick.

Watchdog Logo

This mark was one of many developed as a potential replacement brand for a mobile application designed for safety. The working title for the application was already owned by another entity so alternate logos and naming options were explored.


RISE is a non-profit program dedicated to inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs. Created originally in 2007, RISE has now grown into an ongoing annual program that leverages its proprietary web interface to provide one-of-a-kind resources and experiences to entrepreneurs worldwide for free.

Vote Nation Logo

Vote Nation is a technology that allows users to connect with other like-minded individuals as well as well-known politicians, stay abreast on relevant political topics all over the nation and allows their voice be heard on numerous issues facing the American people.

Teliha Journey & Charter Logo

Teliha Journey & Charter's logo is centered around the image of a griffin, a legendary beast thought to be the guardian of treasures. The iconography applies to the company two-fold, symbolizing the safe passage of clients as well as the promise to transport them to exotic locations.

Sushi Box Logo

Sushi Box is one of the pioneers on the food trailer front in Austin. Their clever use of relevant social media, coupled with an outstanding sushi chef, has made them one of the front-runners for breakout restaurant newcomers in our fair city.

Safarious Logo

Safarious is a company that's focused on all things safari. The client wanted the brand to be iconic and have a timeless, yet classic feel, and to be easily identified as a company focused on travel and adventure.

Radical Rock Radio Logo

This mark was created for an online radio station/podcast that focused on mainstream and indie rock music.

DynoWars Logo

DynoWars is an ongoing event sponsored by A.R.T. that pits fellow horsepower junkies against one another in a battle for bragging rights.

I Work with Bitches Logo

After unintentionally finding a consistent muse in their workplace, a couple of friends started, a site dedicated to rants and humor found in the modern office.

Crossfire Hill Paintball Logo

Crossfire Hill is a paintball course slotted for construction in Austin. The client wanted something literal and iconic that was immediately identifiable.

Chill List Logo

This brand was created to literally represent the name Chill List. "Shorty," as he was eventually dubbed, became the ambassador for the brand and resides in the Apple App Store as the application's icon.

Bank on Central Texas Logo

The Bank On program is a nation-wide program adopted by individual cities that is focused on getting the un- and under-banked into mainstream banking. Each partner city can adopt as little or as much of the national brand as possible, or choose to create their own.

Austin Solar Power Company Logo

This mark was created for a company that specializes in installing and optimizing alternative energy sources. They wanted the mark to channel some of the Austin vibe and have a retro, "SoCo" feel to it.

American Racing Technology Logo

This mark was created for a Texas-based automotive performance shop, American Racing Technology. The logo was part of a facelift the shop received when the ownership changed hands.

Makeup by Marcela Logo

This logo was commissioned by a local makeup artist for her business.

Texas Viper Roundup Logo

This logo was produced for a local chapter of the Viper Club of America for their annual Texas Viper Roundup event in Austin, Texas.