Playbill for The Pons

The Pons first studio album, Giant, centers lyrically around a mythical giant's opposition against conformity and domineering government. This character was created to embody the giant's antagonists.

Archer Cartoon Illustration

The poster was created as a birthday present for my father, who is a huge Archer nut. The image is a portrait of him, drawn in the style of the hit FX cartoon, Archer.

Atomic Tattoo Illustration/Wrap

Atomic Tattoo & Piercing, an Austin-based tattoo chain, wanted a custom wrap designed for one of the owner's Hummer H3. The illustration, design and palette encapsulates the owner's personality while integrating his company's brand seamlessly.

A.R.T. ACR-X Wrap Design

This custom line art of a Dodge Viper ACR-X was created so that American Racing Technology could mock up different skins and decal placements on the car before printing and applying them.

Ballista Technical Illustration

This technical illustration of a ballista was created for a client's logo and subsequent branding, Ballista, which specializes in the innovative firearm design.

Forbes Technical Illustrations

These illustrations were commissioned by Forbes to accompany learning modules they were creating explaining various concepts, including how GPS works, webcasting equipment and solar technology.

Playbill for LaLaLand

This custom illustration was created to be placed on venue-specific and generic tour playbills for the band LaLaLand.

Leprechaun Illustration

This vector drawing of a leprechaun was the result of an experiment in various illustration styles.

Lucky BMX Poster

A BMX bike-riding club commissioned me to create a custom poster they could hand out at events and sell to raise money for travel to competitions. They wanted the poster to feel very organic and hand-drawn.

Playbill for The Mercers

This poster and custom illustration was designed exclusively for The Mercers. Their management company, Upright Strategies, commissioned me after seeing the hand-drawn work I'd done for LaLaLand and The Pons.

Santa Claus Illustration

This illustration was created for a custom Christmas card. The inside read "Santa swore off feeding the reindeer Mexican food before the big flight."

Satan Illustration

This custom vector illustration of Satan was created as an exercise to emulate the bubbly style and color application of the famous artist, Coop.

Random Animal Sketches

I created these drawings as a series and to push myself to draw a little more freely, like various other artists I'd been following at the time.

Vector Wolverine Illustration

I was inspired to do a less-than-realistic, cartoon-style drawing of Marvel Comic's Wolverine, having grown up reading the comics. The illustration was hand-drawn first, with the line art scanned and then re-traced in Illustrator, where color was later added.

Snap Kitchen Illustration

Snap Kitchen approached me about a facelift for their advertising. One of the concepts they pushed very strongly was that they never use butter, which they wanted carried over into their messaging. I created this illustration/photograph hybrid as one of the concepts for the revamping of their advertising.

Chupacabra Truck

In addition to the branding for "The Chupa" (as it's fondly been called) I was also tasked with designing the graphics for the van. When the client didn't have the time for a wrap, I had hundreds of vinyl stickers printed that they could place on the truck by hand. The result is a very durable exterior that hides blemishes with a custom, hand-drawn feel.