American Racing Technology Shirt

This shirt was created for a nationally-known automotive performance shop to be worn by shop personnel and to be given away at events they attended. Though they work on all makes and models of performance automobile, the cars showcased here are all modern American muscle.

Daughters of Bristol CD Art

I was asked by Seattle-based band The Daughters of Bristol to design the artwork for their 4th album, being released in Germany this summer. They had a pretty specific cover image in mind, but left the rest up to my artistic interpretation.

Mr. Detail Van Wrap

A local detailer approached me about designing a wrap for his van to help improve consumer awareness while he was out on the job. He wanted something edgy (he's heavily tattooed) and in the vein of Affliction/Ed Hardy, while also promoting his services.

Multi-Language Print Collateral

These print pieces are a small sampling of the materials I've produced in other languages for partners across the globe. While these are mostly posters, I've had to reformat and flow card carriers, table tents, stickers and other materials in Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and French.

Prepaid Debit Card Designs

I've designed debit cards for the last 7 years. The companies I've worked for have always strived to align themselves with strategic partners in various markets. From the likes of Microsoft to Best Buy to Facebook, my debit card designs have crossed paths with some of the most well-known and most respected businesses in the world.

The List DVD Packaging

This packaging was designed as part of a pitch for a pilot for a show named The List, which was based around the patrons and activities of an elite L.A. night club.

Sunshine Kids Cruise ’10 Shirt

This shirt was designed to commemorate the annual Sunshine Kids Cruise to the Capitol. The shirt is handed out to participants and staff. The Sunshine Kids is a summer camp for children that have survived or are battling cancer. The cruise consists of a police escort from San Marcos to the capitol with children riding in participants' high end cars, followed by a private tour.

Safarious Ad Concepts

Safarious is a company that's focused on all things safari. These ad concepts utilize the branding established with the web site and carries that over to the print campaign, employing varying copy to engage the potential investors these were pitched to.

Chivas ’07 Xbox 360 Game

This package for Chivas '07 was designed as part of a new product pitch for the team's owner, Jorge Vergara.

Sushi Box Collateral

Sushi Box is one of the pioneers on the food trailer front in Austin. Their collateral consists of weathered-looking pieces, utilizing graphics that simulate 1- and 2-color screenprinting and is printed on a paper stock with heavy pulp.

Playbill for The Pons, pt. IV

This playbill was created for one of the last shows The Pons is playing before completing their second studio album, due out in summer '11.

Playbill for the Pons, pt. III

This playbill was created for one of the last shows The Pons is playing before completing their second studio album, due out in summer '11.

American Racing Tech Mezzanine

American Racing Technology wanted to spice up their workshop and decided to add some more 'man cave-esque' features to their mezzanine, including custom graphics, backlighting and TVs that display content from a centralized feed.

Gearheads Shirt

This shirt is one of many produced for a car club comprised of muscle car enthusiasts. The client, American Racing Technology, wanted the stylized treatment applied to their own car graphics to be transferred to a variety of the classic cars that frequent the Gearheads meets.

Playbill for The Pons, pt. II

This playbill was created for one of the last shows The Pons is playing before completing their second studio album, due out in summer '11.

A.R.T. World Record Shirt

Designed to commemorate A.R.T. piloting their number 1800 car to a world record 233.8 miles per hour in the Texas Mile standing mile competition, this shirt features a 3-color depiction of the record-breaking car.

Texas Viper Roundup Poster

This project is an exercise to emulate Shepard Fairey's style while integrating the brand of a nationally-known performance car club into a logo and brand for a regional event.