Safarious Web Site

Safarious is a company that's focused on all things safari. This site serves as a central hub for those interested in safaris and all they entail. The site has safari-related job opportunities, a photo gallery, a video library as well as many other features.

MD Totco Marketing Web Site

This site was developed for a client to centralize their internal marketing efforts. The site features a calendar, a news feed and other pertinent information for their department.

A.R.T. Web Site

This website was created to showcase a gallery of customer vehicles, update clients on recent happenings with the business as well as display various tuning packages available to late model automobiles.

Chill List Web Site

This site was designed for an iPhone application that is focused on emergency preparedness. The idea was pitched by an Austin fireman who saw a market niche; he visualized something that would help people prepare for emergencies utilizing modern technology and social media.

Core Vibration Web Site

This site showcases and sells one of the best-selling products from the Whole Brain Learning Institute, Core Vibration.

Gearheads Web Site

This site was produced to allow a local car club to interact with members, as well as the community. Built-in features included an event calendar, as well as interactivity with their Facebook, Flickr and YouTube accounts.

Goalmine Web Site

This site is a sales tool as well as an account management gateway for members enrolled in Goalmine.

Shop 4 Frontline Plus Web Site

This is a sales site developed for marketing flea and tick medication for pets online. A combination of both dog and cat imagery was employed, making sure to utilize pets of different ages to appeal to all pet owners.

Mango Money Facebook Page

Mango Money wanted to push their social media presence further by following in the footsteps of larger players in the space (Southwest, Red Bull, Victoria's Secret), so I was asked to reface their existing page to make it more consistent with the current innovators on Facebook.

Sushi Box Web Site

Sushi Box is one of the pioneers on the food trailer front in Austin. Their clever use of relevant social media, coupled with an outstanding sushi chef, has made them one of the front-runners for breakout restaurant newcomers in our fair city.

Vote Nation Web Site

The Vote Nation web site was created as a supplement to a mobile application that connects users with all things political. The site allows users to connect with other like-minded individuals as well as well-known politicians, stay abreast on relevant political topics all over the nation and allows their voice be heard on numerous issues facing the American people.